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The future of real estate investing has arrived

The real estate industry has lagged behind other available "Main Street" investments in liquidity, automation and regulation making it difficult for smaller investors to gain access to diversified real estate portfolios.

Delivering Value and Access with Digital Asset Securities

ABC FinTech has created  value and access for property owners and investors on the ABCTokens.com web site and Investor Portal which combines blockchain technology with scalable commercial real estate investments.  Our process centers around the following programs:

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Tokenize Assets:

Backing digital securities with physical assets is referred to as “Tokenization”. Tokenization adoption is increasing along with acceptance of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.  Each ABC Token represents a fractional ownership interest in our asset portfolio.  

We believe that our asset tokenization business model is timely and is becoming a widely accepted in commercial real estate as a legitimate approach to value creation.

program for property owners:

We target property owners/developers (Sponsors) seeking an alternative approach to raising capital and creating liquidity at a low cost of entry.  We invest in the limited partnership interests of selected Sponsors who own and manage commercial real estate across multiple asset classes including multifamily residential, industrial, office, retail, mixed use and hotels.  

Our investments in these properties form a portfolio that provides the foundational value of ABC Tokens.

Democratize Real Estate Investing:

ABC Tokens represent fractional ownership in our commercial real estate investment portfolio offered by ABC Tokens Series LLC. We market ABC Tokens (i.e. Shares) to investors, who seek a new way to invest in both real estate and cryptocurrency.

Market Opportunity

Recent challenges faced by commercial real estate markets due to the pandemic and emerging economic pressures provides an opportunity for ABC FinTech to purchase limited partnership interests in select real estate asset portfolios at attractive valuations while also offering long-term appreciation.

Our approach provides an opportunity to expand participation in commercial real estate not previously available to retail investors. Further, we believe that our digital asset securities, which will be tradable on major secondary security token markets, will improve transparency and liquidity for commercial real asset investments.

"Real estate backed security tokens has huge upside as a liquid and scalable investment vehicle."
Mike Miracle
Strategy and Operations Executive
Wefunder Investor
"A good opportunity with back up. In this new crypto digital world is good to know that the investment is also back up with a real real state."
Juan Garcia
Construction Worker
Wefunder Investor
"Great combination of a rapidly growing value in real estate and the security of blockchain."
Jeffrey P. Gabel
Wefunder Investor
"Real Estate & Crypto. If this isn't the future I don't know what is"
Dollian Pastoriza
Real Estate Broker
Wefunder Investor
"I like the idea of commercializing the real estate industry through tokens. Thanks for the opportunity to help make this a reality."
Valerie Warner
College Professor
Wefunder Investor
For as little as $100 you can join 300 investors who have already discovered the future of real estate investing has arrived.
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Our founders

ABC FinTech founders have assembled a core executive team of successful entrepreneurs with extensive real estate, business management, digital marketing and technology experience. In addition, we are supported by group of strategic advisors with more than 300 years of real estate investing and management experience.

Doug McCright
President, Managing Member, and Co-Founder of ABC TOKENS LLC and ABC FinTech

Mr. McCright is a Harvard MBA and serial entrepreneur. Career achievements include C-level leadership roles in five high-growth, capital and infrastructure intensive start-ups in construction, agribusiness, food sector and franchising industries. Since 2012 he has been Senior Consultant at Family Business Institute providing strategic planning, executive recruiting and ownership succession planning guidance to business leaders.

Matthew Andelman
Chief Executive Officer, Managing Member, and Co-Founder of ABC TOKENS LLC and ABC FinTech.

Mr. Andelman has over 15 years of experience in real estate development, brokerage and property management in the residential and commercial real estate sectors. Mr. Andelman has leased, sold and managed over 2 million square feet of commercial property in Chicago metropolitan area including multifamily, retail, office, industrial, and hospitality, and has generated over $100 million of sales volume.

ABC Tokens Technology Platform

We developed the ABCTokens.com Platform from an ecosystem of solution partners integrating Polymesh Token Studio technologies for blockchain, security token minting and wallet with WealthBlock investor marketing and support services.  

Our approach to sourcing and assembling these essential enterprise technology components is based on seven key objectives:

Frictionless Investor Experience

Available 24 x 7 x 365

System integration from proven solution providers

Cloud-based Operations


Minimize administrative and technology staffing costs

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