ABC offers investors digital asset securities to share ownership in a commercial real estate portfolio. 

Innovating Real Estate Investing

Property investment has long been considered something reserved for the wealthy. But the industry has lagged other available "Main Street" investments in liquidity, automation, and regulation.  

Commercial real state is notoriously exclusive and for small investors, gaining access to private real estate funds has been challenging. Now ABC has changed all that.

Our mission is to establish a marketplace for real estate that is accessible to everyone, backed by a diversified property portfolio to reduce risk with tradable ABC Tokens to provide liquidity.

You can Invest with cash, popular cryptocurrencies or IRA funds.  The process is easy. When ready, click the INVEST button to get started.

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Sign up in the Investor Portal

Sign up and create your profile.

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Upload ID (passport, drivers license, state ID card, etc.) and verify you're accredited.

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Review Offering document and sign

Review the Token Purchase Agreement and e-sign when ready to invest.

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Buy with $USD, Crypto or credit card

Enter your payment information to securely pay by ACH, wire transfer, crypto or credit card.

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Payment Recieved ✅

Once payment is received, ABC Tokens are added to your account portfolio.

Recent Property Acquisition

Our recent investment in Spartan Cottages, a new build-to-rent property in Calhoun, GA illustrates our investment strategy.            

Project Cost: $46,000,000

Target IRR: 19.34%

# Rental Units: 236

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How You'll See An ROI As An Investor

ABC Tokens uses security token cashflow to acquire new, high-performing properties.

1. ROI

This is how you'll make money.

2. ROI

This is how you'll make money.

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This is how you'll make money.

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