a powerful new way to add value and liquidity to real estate assets.

Are you an owner or developer  of a shopping center, hotel, warehouse, office building, multi-family or storage facility?  We’re actively seeking to acquire limited partnership interests in commercial real estate throughout the United States.

WHat is a liquidity partner program?

ABC’s Liquidity Partner Program (“LPP”) offers commercial real estate owners and developers diversification and liquidity through asset tokenization. Advantages of our innovative approach:

Keep your capital structure in place

Simpler, faster way to raise funds

Reduce or eliminate broker fees, transfer taxes and closing costs

Investors buy ABC digital asset security tokens that are backed by your real estate

Security tokens can be held, or independently traded or sold for cash

You continue to manage your property or we can do it for you


ABC is actively seeking luxury mid-rise apartment buildings in major metropolitan areas. The ideal property is close to public transportation and a thriving business district. Alternatively, if your property is better described as a “value-add opportunity in a tertiary market”, let's talk.


ABC is actively seeking office buildings in Arizona, Georgia, Texas and Florida. The building must be cash flowing with positive NOI for the trailing 12 months.

If this sounds like your property, give us a call.


Everyone knows that retail properties were negatively impacted by the pandemic.

However, the International Council of Shopping Centers predicts more stores will open than close in 2022. Examples of retail properties include single-tenant triple-net properties, i.e. Walgreens, CVS, Advance Auto Parts, Family Dollar, etc. Retail properties also include shopping malls and power centers.

If you're a retail property owner and curious about tokenizing with ABC, please fill out the form below!


It’s no secret that industrial properties have been among the top-performing assets in commercial real estate for several years running.

If you own a warehouse within two miles and four turns from a major U.S. interstate, please complete and submit the contact form below.


The hospitality sector was dramatically impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic. If you’re a struggling hotel owner/operator, ABC has a great solution.

Tokenize your hotel with ABC to gain elements of liquidity and diversification, as well as a new partner. Together, we can make a difference.


If your property type wasn’t mentioned above, not to worry! We’re interested in all types of commercial real estate, including vacant land, storage facilities and mobile home parks.

If you’re uncertain about your property being the right “fit”, just complete the form below, and a representative will contact you within 24 hours with an answer.

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Why Property Owners Should Consider Asset Tokenization:

Tokenization creates an opportunity to radically transform the global real estate market by offering both issuers and investors substantial advantages over traditional investment options.

Asset tokenization is the process of digitizing a real estate asset so investors can exchange dollars or other popular cryptocurrencies for security tokens backed by real world assets.

Property Valuation

The tokenization process starts with a valuation for your property based on financial records for the trailing 12 months and comparable sales.  Other fundamentals are considered during ABC’s underwriting process based on your property type, market rents, absorption rates, demographics, traffic counts, CAP rates, etc.

If the preliminary valuation is mutually agreeable, ABC performs an onsite property inspection and verifies the title is unencumbered. Assuming the property’s condition was fairly represented and title is clean, a purchase and sale agreement is presented for attorney review and approval.  Our offer may include cash and ABC security tokens.

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A New Real Estate Marketing Approach

ABC’s investment in your property will be converted into security tokens as shares in our combined real estate portfolio and marketed as fractional ownership interests to investors.

Investors will also have the freedom to sell or trade their tokens using our blockchain technology much the same as shares in the stock market are traded.

This process is simple and doesn’t require any real estate investment experience thereby opening opportunities for a wide range of new investors.

benefits to ABC’s Liquidity Partner Program

Improve Liquidity

Tokenization provides flexible liquidity benefits to both owners and investors.

Generate Capital

Offering investors fractional ownership can make it easier and more efficient to raise capital for commercial real estate owners.


A security token provides new investors the opportunity to participate in the real estate market and also provides wealthier investors and owners more opportunities for diversification.


Purchase and sale transactions are recorded on the blockchain as a secure permanent record of every transaction.  Whenever a security token transaction occurs, all involved parties become aware of it.  This enables investors and owners to access the token’s history, pricing and transaction details at any time.

Standardization of transactions via smart contracts

Security tokens provide a secure way to standardize execution of purchase, sale or trade transactions via smart contracts by automating the entire process from offer to settlement eliminating the need for the parties to negotiate terms of sale.

Secure and Permanent

The most notable feature of blockchain is that after a transaction has been recorded and confirmed, no one can alter transaction details.

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