A 4.1 Trillion Dollar Perspective on Commercial Real Estate

February 10, 2022
5 min read

As more and more companies return to the office, demand for commercial real estate office space is projected to grow throughout 2022 and beyond. The global commercial real estate industry is currently valued at $4.1 trillion, according to IBIS World.

Despite the pandemic-related challenges of the past two years, commercial real estate remains an integral part of the global economy. It anticipates growth in mixed-income and workforce housing, enhanced infrastructure, and technology upgrades in the year to come. As a result, commercial real estate is on the upswing from consulting to leasing and from industrial to management.

There’s impressive interest in the commercial real estate market, and we expect to see both demand and investments grow exponentially as more investors have the opportunity to experience their first industry investments. These assets will always be there. Cities will always be there. There’s just a shift in the type of industries that will use these spaces, and we’ve been diligent in building a network of those businesses to ensure we have as much occupancy in these properties as possible. The value remains for investors in commercial real estate, and it still offers one of the best hedges against inflation. ABC Tokens helps investors diversify their portfolios while enjoying unprecedented liquidity. By leading this charge, we should be on the front end of supporting the commercial real estate market thrive in the years to come.

In addition, new construction and hybrid work programs will continue to support commercial real estate in both the near and long term. Companies are also expected to enhance perks, amenities further, and office design as employees return to in-office work.

ABC Tokens, which helps investors across the globe get into the commercial real estate market through security tokens, has remained committed to the industry throughout the pandemic. The company’s goal is to make commercial real estate investments more accessible, secure, and liquid. Through our unique business model centered on cryptocurrency and commercial real estate, we help investors use tokens to fractionalize portfolio equity, lowering the capital required to invest. Our goal is to have more than 5 million ABC Tokens in circulation in 2022, with $150 million deployed into U.S. commercial real estate.

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