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November 23, 2021
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Alex is currently the husband of an amazing wife and father of a beautiful daughter. They have been married for a little over two years.

Alex is CMO of ABC FinTech. Alex is a marketing maestro who has spent the past 12 years perfecting his skills in digital, sales, and customer service. He's not only good at what he does but also knows how to teach others!

He started out his professional journey as an Account Manager at Press-One Customer Care. This was at the onset of the great recession and the release of the iPhone. The world was moving more online faster than anyone could keep up with. It was Alex and his team that they would reach out to in order to provide services like customer service, advertising, sales, etc. at a more efficient cost than keeping it in-house.

Alex worked with the NY Times, USA Today, Daily Record, among many other publications. He solved his client’s problems by helping them plan for their transition to a more digital product for their customers.

After five and a half years of service at Press-One, Alex saw the light and began his transition into a fully digital career. It was at this time he transitioned to Madwire Marketing 360, a startup focused on providing marketing software and services to help small businesses grow their digital presence.

Alex started as an Account Executive working directly with other businesses ensuring their products or services were successful. He joined when Madwire had only 150 employees with a $2 million annual recurring revenue budget. As Madwire began to scale, Alex moved into a leadership role as a Director of Marketing,   managing teams working with small businesses. By 2020, Madwire had grown into a 600 employee firm with over $80 million in annual recurring revenue.

Alex is also the co-founder of Imprint Digital, a marketing agency, and Grit Investments, a Northern Colorado-based capital investment firm.

What are ABC Tokens?

ABC tokens are Asset-Backed Crypto tokens that aim to provide investors with tokenized commercial real estate.

ABC FinTech is democratizing access to commercial real estate by strategically raising from both accredited, institutional, and retail investors alike. 100 Million ABC tokens will be in circulation backed by a portfolio of commercial real estate.

This will provide investors with additional options to help their hard-earned money work for them. One of the great things that we can offer is an opportunity to invest your crypto directly to fractional commercial real estate without having to go through a lengthy process of liquidating and going through a bank.

Transition into Crypto

While at Madwire, Alex and many of his coworkers weren’t just watching crypto take off from the sidelines. They invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets. He began collaborating with his friends at work during their lunches and downtime at work.

When Tesla and other companies began adding Bitcoin to their balance sheets he had the conviction he needed to pursue crypto full time. Alex’s experience in assisting clients in growing their digital presences prepared him to make an immediate impact at ABC FinTech & ABC Tokens.

What Gave Alex the Conviction to Go All-in

Alex didn’t plan on leaving his comfortable role at Madwire to go into crypto. But once he realized that the crypto landscape could be the next financial frontier he couldn’t resist exploring.

Crypto’s open-source grassroots movement and removal of the state from money supply into the hands of everyday people is what Alex loved about it.

His goal is to be a part of creating an exceptional investment opportunity and helping ordinary people gain access to investing into an incredible asset class during a pivotal moment in monetary history.

ABC Tokens Team
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