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ABC Tokens Team
November 22, 2021
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Meet Doug McCright, the President and Co-Founder of ABC Tokens. Beginning his career as a Harvard MBA graduate (Master of Business Administration), Doug was able to accumulate an extensive business background by working in a number of industries such as agribusiness, construction, the food sector, and franchising to mention some.

Thrilled by the challenges as well as opportunities involved in getting start-up companies to where they need to be, Doug found his passion early on in his career. The driving factor for Doug’s passion for start-ups is the satisfaction that he receives from starting with an idea, often swirling in a sea of chaos and then adding order to create value. Over time, this is what led Doug to become an expert at building teams getting the right people in the right places, focused on the right things. One particular accomplishment that he is proud of is taking one company from start-up to 1,000 employees and $240 million in sales in three short years.

With a rich experience in both operations and finance, what Doug brings to the ABC team is his capacity to see things from multiple perspectives. Having worked in the past in CEO, COO, and CFO positions, Doug’s strength is in his ability to balance both sides of the equation in terms of operations management, financial planning, budgeting, as well as execution.

The founding of ABC Fintech

When Matt Andelman first reached out to Doug with the concept of mixing blockchain technology and real estate, he was immediately intrigued by the opportunity of what they could do via ABC Tokens. Democratization of commercial real estate is something that has the potential to impact society by giving hundreds of thousands of people the chance to participate in commercial real estate investing in a way that had not been possible before.

For retail investors, the lack of liquidity in commercial real estate has historically been an enormous problem. Once someone is committed to a real estate investment, it is normally both troublesome and difficult to get out of it. What excites Doug about ABC Tokens is the whole idea of fractionalizing commercial real estate and delivering that solution through blockchain technology. Being able to both sell and purchase ABC Tokens on an exchange and having the freedom to move out of a commercial real estate investment at any time is unlike anything the market has seen before.

Perfect timing

Doug believes that the time for ABC Tokens to enter the market could not be better. From the crypto side of things, with blockchain technology becoming more and more mainstream this gives ABC Tokens a massive opportunity to be adopted by crypto enthusiasts. At the same time, ABC now also has the chance to allow large sources of investments from institutional capital that are now interested in a foothold within the crypto space. A situation unlike what the market ever experienced in the past! It is an incredibly exciting time, with many people now at liberty to globally participate in something bigger than themselves.

Another reason why the timing for ABC Tokens couldn’t be better is the need for a vehicle that allows investors to escape the volatility of the crypto market. Historically, the volatility of cryptocurrency has been a double-edged sword, opening the possibilities of high risks & high returns - but at the same time, this same volatility can be attributed to being one of the biggest barriers to the true mass adoption of this space. With ABC Tokens, we now have the ability to leverage blockchain technology without the risks associated with volatile assets such as Bitcoin. ABC is uniquely positioned in the space as both being an in for individuals who would have never touched blockchain before, while also allowing those who are already in the space a way to secure their position against the volatility of the crypto market. Crypto enthusiasts will be able to take a portion of their investments from volatile assets such as Bitcoin into real estate while keeping their portfolio entirely exposed to the freedoms of the decentralized blockchain world.

Doug is thrilled to be an integral part of ABC Tokens and is actively working to put together a team that strives towards ABC’s mission. To build upon the core values of trust, security, and dependability to provide a vehicle that takes commercial real estate investing to the next frontier in a professional manner.

ABC Tokens Team
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