Real Estate Meets Crypto: The Next Frontier

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Without a doubt, commercial real estate remains preferred by many investors as one of the most effective ways to hedge against rising inflation. Yet, it has also historically been riddled with hurdles and barriers making it both risky and inconvenient to pursue this market. High capital requirements as well as lack of liquidity are key factors resulting in both its inefficiency, exclusivity, and the turning away of investors to look elsewhere for a means to hedge or to diversify their holdings.

At present time, many investors can be found flocking to the cryptocurrency market, which, in contrast to commercial real estate, is made highly accessible, efficient, and liquid through blockchain technology. Of course, the crypto market is not without its own set of disadvantages. Being notoriously known for its risks in the form of extreme volatility.

With all of this being said, it's easy to see that investors of today are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The time has finally come for this to change, with ABC Tokens! The solution that combines real estate and crypto, taking the best of both worlds to bring investors freedoms on a brand new frontier.

What Are ABC Tokens?

Solving real-estate hurdles with cryptocurrency

ABC Tokens, or Asset-Backed-Crypto Tokens are digital securities that leverage blockchain technology to offer unprecedented liquidity and a seamless experience to commercial real estate investing. ABC Tokens are crypto tokens, which means that once they are listed on 24-hour cryptocurrency exchange markets - investors will benefit from being able to trade them freely at any time. This will be possible after the token lock-up period ends in April of 2023.

Initial sales of ABC tokens are currently limited to accredited investors only, but will become accessible for retail investors in a few months. The lock-up period ensures that the number of token holders and distributed tokens is great enough to allow for fair price discovery and high daily trading volume, once the tokens are listed on exchanges.

ABC Tokens are the solution to an otherwise illiquid real estate market with a high barrier for entry that has thus far seen limited access. Retail, accredited, and institutional investors will all benefit from the accessibility brought by using blockchain as a vehicle to deliver this high degree of liquidity.

Fractional ownership, unprecedented liquidity.

ABC’s investment platform opens the door for investors at all levels to invest in commercial real estate through blockchain. Just like with Bitcoin, which is known for and often praised for its limited supply of 21 million Bitcoins - the scarcity of ABC Tokens is ensured through a maximum supply of 100,000,000 tokens. The term Asset-Backed-Crypto enters the picture for ABC Tokens in the sense that tokens in circulation are backed with, and represent ownership of, the equity behind a well-balanced real estate portfolio. Thus, ownership of ABC Tokens means benefiting from the fractional interest involved in the appreciation of said portfolio. To put simply, ABC tokens allow investors access to a fractional ownership of the equity of the real estate portfolio, all while allowing token holders the freedom of decentralization brought by blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

While the portfolio itself is certainly managed by experts at ABC, and the tokens are minted, issued and sold by ABC, indicating centralization, the distinction for decentralization comes with the idea that investors, anywhere, at any time, can own and trade their interest in a commercial real estate portfolio, and store that value in their personal digital wallets as ABC Tokens, without ever needing to negotiate or interact with the stakeholders normally involved in real estate endeavors of such magnitude.

ABC’s Mission

Accessible solutions, brought by experts.

At ABC, we strive to provide a service that makes commercial real estate investing both simple and accessible. To achieve this, ABC has assembled some of the country’s leading commercial real estate experts to collaborate with ABC’s management team, enabling ABC to offer token holders the optimal real estate portfolio while effectively managing the risk.

As an investor, you can be assured that your investment is backed not only by tangible real estate properties, but also by a dependable team consisting of leading real estate professionals with over 300 years of commercial real estate experience, including development, brokerage, acquisitions, dispositions, finance, complex valuations, and property management. The ABC team also brings a vast network of connections & business relationships from within the industry that is necessary to succeed in the industry.

Real estate investing, democratized.

We seek to democratize real estate investing, and lower the barriers to entry such that investing in real estate becomes a seamless experience - all while benefiting from the liquidity attainable through tokenizing the portfolio through blockchain technology and allowing holders to freely trade ABC Tokens on various exchanges.

Economic hedging

For many investors, blockchain has already become the means to hedge against inflation. However, few find themselves unrattled by the volatility of digital assets such as Bitcoin. While it is certainly possible to play the market and lock in profits at the right time - it is both difficult and risky. For instance, someone might sell their Bitcoin holdings into stablecoins (cryptocurrencies pegged to the US dollar), only to later enter those same profits back into Bitcoin or altcoins with heavy correlation to this asset. With ABC tokens, blockchain enthusiasts will now have the option of diversifying their crypto holdings and taking those profits into real estate, all while remaining in crypto.

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