SEC Approves New Stock Exchange with Blockchain

February 8, 2022
5 min read

When the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently approved a new stock exchange known as BSTX, which will engage blockchain technology, ABC Tokens was pleased to see the news and cheer the expansion of blockchain across countries and industries.

A subsidiary of the BOX Exchange, BSTX will launch in Q2 2022 and will initially trade securities. The long-term aim is to expand trading opportunities to include all U.S. stocks and the potential addition of tokens, digital versions of equity which are typically traded fractionally. Ultimately, the goal for the new exchange is to look similar to a crypto exchange, and its market data will also operate on a private blockchain so members can view both personal activity and that of other members.

What does this mean for ABC?

As the world’s first tokenized real estate portfolio, ABC Tokens has closed on more than $3 million of commercial real estate with another $50 million in the pipeline: “We support the growth of blockchain and crypto to democratize investing and create more transparency and accessibility,” said CEO Matthew Andelman, “so we are thrilled to see more exchanges across the world taking advantage of this technology.”

More adoption and opportunities for security tokens to become easier to access and trade is good for everyone. It helps this sector of crypto grow and in turn, it helps people everywhere access investment opportunities faster with more liquidity. The future is looking bright!

ABC Tokens offers investors a fractional interest in a well-balanced commercial real estate portfolio through security tokens, creating a platform that lowers the barriers to entry and offers unprecedented liquidity.

The exchange will also give members the option to settle trades as quickly as the same day, as opposed to the current two-day standard settlement time, which would free up cash counterparties have to pledge against trades while also reducing the risk of either party defaulting.

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