State of the Union Update From our CEO

Matthew Andelman
February 7, 2022
5 min read


One month ago, ABC FinTech launched a crowdfunding raise on Wefunder.

Since then, ABC FinTech completed Wefunder's legal and compliance review process and filed Form C with the SEC.

Since then, ABC FinTech raised over $250,000 of working capital. The money will be used for digital marketing campaigns, ongoing legal expenses, technology development, employee compensation, etc.

Since then, ABC FinTech secured three more CRE investments for ABC Tokens, including its first property outside of Illinois.  

The ABC Companies are rapidly scaling.

Q: What is/are ABC Tokens?

A: ABC Tokens Series LLC is a real estate holding company. ABC stands for "Asset-Backed Crypto" because ABC Tokens LLC issues digital securities, called ABC Tokens, which are backed by the equity in ABC's portfolio of commercial real estate investments.

Q: What is the ABC Platform?

A: The ABC Platform is our website (link in comments). Here investors can find educational content about ABC Tokens, complete the signup process and invest/purchase ABC Tokens.

Q: Can anyone purchase ABC Tokens?

A: No. To stay SEC compliant, ABC Tokens are currently available to accredited investors only. For this reason, ABC chose to launch a crowdfunding raise on Wefunder, giving ALL investors the opportunity to own a piece of ABC FinTech, the operating company.

Q: What is ABC FinTech?

A: ABC FinTech is the operating company responsible for the ongoing management of the ABC Platform. ABC FinTech is raising working capital on Wefunder. As a perk, ABC FinTech is awarding 1 free ABC Token to investors for every $100 invested.

Q: What is Equity Crowdfunding?

A: Equity crowdfunding allows businesses to raise money from a large group of people at smaller investment amounts. In return, those people get a financial stake in that company.

Q: Is this Kickstarter?

A: No. On Wefunder, you’re not donating; you’re investing. You’re not just a fan, you’re an owner. Fun fact: in 2012, Oculus Rift closed a Kickstarter round of $2.4 Million. Two years later, Facebook bought Oculus for $2 Billion. If those Kickstarter backers had invested instead of donating they could have had a 154x return on their investment.

Q: Why is ABC Crowdfunding?

A: ABC aims to democratize CRE investing while providing unprecedented liquidity. However, strict regulations must be followed when selling securities. While ABC Tokens will be accessible to ALL investors in the future, they are currently available to accredited investors only. By launching the crowdfunding raise on Wefunder, ABC was able to offer the average investor equity in ABC FinTech, the operating company, and even award (gift) some ABC Tokens too. We thought that's pretty cool!

Thank you all for your time. - Matt Andelman

Matthew Andelman
Chief Executive Officer, Managing Member, and Co-Founder of ABC TOKENS LLC and ABC FinTech.
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